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Calculate the range of your future electric truck or van

Renault Trucks can help you at every stage of your transition to electromobility with tools allowing you to determine the distance you can cover depending on your use. Try our simulator and in just a few clicks you can calculate the expected range of your future vehicle based on its use, environment, temperature and load percentage.




Temperature : 0°

Load : 50%

Given those criteria, here is the expected maximum operating range of your truck:


The indicated range depends on the individual use of the vehicle, its equipment and other external factors. For each model, the range is calculated at the beginning of the battery's life with the maximum number of packs, it is given as an indication and has no contractual value.

What factors affect the range of an electric truck?

An electric vehicle's energy consumption depends on various factors. By identifying them beforehand, you can assess your needs and the range of your electric trucks.


There is direct correlation between the speed at which your truck moves and its energy consumption: the faster the truck moves, the more energy it consumes. This means that managing your speed is important. You should also know that energy can be recovered through braking. If used properly, the range of your vehicle can be increased.


Relief also plays a decisive role in range. On hills, the engine requires more energy and thus the range is reduced. However, when going down a hill, an electric truck recharges its battery since the energy required for braking is reused and "returned" to the battery. This means that having a hilly route does not prohibit you from investing in an electric truck.


An electric truck's battery also runs the equipment inside the truck. Therefore, using the air-conditioning or the heating also affects the battery's range. We recommend using this equipment sparingly.


Just like the ICE version, an electric truck's range is very dependent on the load transported: the heavier the load, the more the range is reduced.

Driving style

To optimise the range of an electric truck, it is highly recommended to adopt a smooth driving style and drivers are encouraged to engage in rational or "economical" driving: smooth driving and the use of regenerative braking are practices that can optimise the truck's range.

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